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Q: Is Sunbrella waterproof?
A: It is water repellent, not waterproof. While Sunbrella has had a water resistant finish applied at the factory, this will need to be reapplied over time. You must remove the top, clean it and apply a sealant to restore the water repellency. Sunbrella recommends 303 High Tech Fabric Guard™.

Q: How long should my Sunbrella top last?
A: Seven to 10 years, provided it is properly fit and under tension, and cared for properly through cleaning and storage.

Q: How long will my thread last?
A: Since we use Tenara thread, which is pure PTFE and not just coated, is guaranteed to last for the life of the fabric which it is sewn into. And it’s made in the USA.

Q: Can you copy my old top?
A: No. Over time, wind, rain and sun have loosened your old top. Each boat is different, and should be newly patterned on stainless steel frames for a proper, tight fit. This cannot be done from an old top. Things that are not under tension, like sail or binnacle covers can be used as patterns for new canvas projects.

Q: How should I store my canvas for the winter?
A: Remember, most tops are not designed to withstand the stresses of winter and snow. First, clean it and dry it and then store in a well ventilated area. For vinyl windows, they must be cleaned and polished, and ideally stored flat with some type of padding material (brown paper) between individual pieces. Feel free to roll the panel or top—just don’t fold or otherwise crease the windows. Sunbrella Care

Q: How should I care for my vinyl windows?
A: Keep in mind that a higher grade of vinyl will stay clearer longer. Windows should be cleaned often with either plain water or mild soap and water. Always wet first to remove dirt or salt which can scratch. Use a soft cloth to gently clean your windows. To extend the life of your windows, treat with a cleaner/polisher designed exclusively for maritime use. Do not use ammonia. Sun socks can be used on frames to protect vinyl windows. UV light can turn the plasticizers in the vinyl yellow and become brittle. A cleaner/polisher will seal these plasticizers in, reduce scratching, protect against pollutants and extend the life of the vinyl. Vinyl Care

Q: How do I care for my snaps and zippers?
A: Inspect your snaps and zippers when cleaning your top. On the underside of each snap, lubricate with a small amount of petroleum jelly. Rinse zippers with fresh water and when dry, lubricate with a silicone spray.

Q: How do I care for my cushions?
A: Do not dry clean! For cushions, use a mild soap and sponge to clean. For tougher stains, please read Sunbrella Interior Care.